What is the sign up process and the cost?

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 Do you want to learn how to workout?

Are you trying to figure out what “working out means”?

Want to feel a sense of progression, accomplishment, and confidence?

Need something affordable?

Need a coach?

Trying to find help to get started?

Ready to go!!!

Poe’s Gym now offers the Point Protocol Program for beginners. This program IS NOT for powerlifters. The Point Protocol Program, by definition, is the point at which a person makes a decision to seek a protocol for personal longevity, establishment of discipline, and behavioral change in the areas of healthcare, wellness, disease management, or sports performance.
Our goal is for the beginner to: 

1. Define his or her own definition of “working out”

2. Establish a “fitness score” for progression guidance.

3. Gain confidence in life and sports.


 How is The Point Protocol Program delivered?

The Point Protocol Program is a web based portal and can be used from any personal device or phone with Internet access.

What am I purchasing?

13 Online Workout Programs
13 Online Educational Nutrition Chapters
In Person and Online Coaching Communication and Support

For Workout Programs and For Nutrition Chapters

What does the program look like?

There are 3 different levels using animated figures and detailed descriptions.
Beginners Level – Consist of 7 progressing programs.
Intermediate Level – Consist of 3 progressing programs.
Advanced Level –Consists of 3 progressing programs.​