Cancer rehabilitation 

Matt Poe has been in the healthcare arena for over 21 years. His company Tracktion Healthcare has worked with hospitals, private healthcare companies, and has had its own physical therapy and rehabilitation centers.

Matt has worked in areas of orthopaedics, oncology, bariatrics, disease management, and wellness to deliver musculoskeletal and physical dysfunction rehabilitation.

Matt is one of only 456 cancer exercise specialist in the usa certified through the american college of sports medicine. matt formerly created and built the lifestrength cancer rehabilitation and lymphedema care center in nashville, tennessee to help patients rehabilitate before, during, and after treatment for cancer. 

matt not only built the center, but also was the director and trained doctors and other practitioners in the area of cancer rehabilitation and cancer exercise care.

his Lifestrength integration protocols, lifestrength conditioning maps, and cancer exercise readiness rating is stil used today to help patients of all cancers become survivors. 

his integration protocols were reimbursed by insurance companies and made a part of lymphedema care and complete decongestive therapy for breast cancer patients, odd cancers, and brain cancers suffering from permanent lymphatic system compromise.

doctors and patients still seek matt today. he will help you. He has experience with all types of cancer and patients seeking long term survivorship.