Invest in your "ENGINE" to power all of your life's most important movements that involve carrying, pulling, pushing, balancing, squatting, moving your feet, and remaining prepared for unexpected ranges of motion that life may present to you.

With over 25 years of Tactical Performance Development with Special Forces and with Special Operations Personnel, Matt Poe has designed an enjoyable program with a tactical perspective for all levels of fitness enthusiasts from beginner to advanced participants. The program is designed to get stronger and have fun with a proven approach to movement, muscular development, conditioning, and athleticism. 

Poe's Gym will be offering a Tactical Evolution Class.  Evolution 1  of this class will consist of (4) sessions that concentrate respectively per session on glutes, shoulders, back, and chest accompanied by Micro-Evolutions  as well per session for the heart and the core. 

In addition to the first class's exercises, the first class will consist of an introduction to proper biomechanics of general foot movement on all terrains.  


What is the cost of the class? $188.00 for Evolution 1 (4 Sessions).
When does the class start? TUESDAY morning from 6:00am to 7:00am, September 6, 2022. THURSDAY morning from 6:00am to 7:00am, September 8, 2002.  Participants can only sign up for the TUESDAY GROUP or the THURSDAY GROUP. We must have a minimum of (7) participants to start the class on either day. 
Members of Poe's Gym: May attend the class for $158.00. If you refer a friend, you may attend class for $100.00.
How do I sign up for the class? Please contact us for the details in the above navigation or CLICK HERE.

Poe's Gym's, Head Coach, Josh Scott , will coach the program.

"beginners with no experience in lifting Weights or fitness are wanted and welcome as well as experienced fitness enthusiasts"