All visits to Poe’s Gym require (3) things:

1. Scheduling of an appointment (if times are available).

      A.      Contact Poe’s Gym through the Poe’s Gym website and let us know the DATE(S)/TIME(S)       
             that you desire to visit Poe’s Gym. We need exact dates and exact times.

             We take  limited guests at any given time. Precision is of importance. All visits must be                   approved and confirmed by Poe’s Gym.


 2. Paperwork to be completed BEFORE you scheduled appointment.


     A.      A Waiver of Liability and COVID RESTRICTION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT must be signed by you and                sent back to Poe’s Gym before entry into Poe’s Gym. Our number one goal is to             
              preserve the healthiness of Poe’s Gym’s members. If you do not feel 100%, do not come
              into Poe’s Gym.


     B.     Send Signed waiver to:


3. Payment For Your Visit


     A.      All visits are $35.00 per visit. Multiple day passes are offered at Poe’s Gym. Over (2) visits
​              will take the per visit rate to $30.00 (no lower).

    B.      All payments must be sent to Poe’s Gym BEFORE your visit(s). All payments are NON-         
​             REFUNDABLE, even if you get tossed out of the gym for some reason among many others
             such as dropping dumbbells, not cleaning, etc.… OR drink too much the night before                     training, oversleep, get sick, etc.…

    C.      Two ways to pay:

              1.  Venmo monies to
gym (CREATE SEPARATION), last four digits if needed are 8760.

              2. PayPal friend to friend to If fees are involved, you                    pay the fees.

     4.     AGAIN - We need exact dates, exact times, and yes, your money. We
          take limited guests at any given time. Precision is of importance.

         A.     All visits must be approved and confirmed byPoe’s Gym. You will receive a short
​                 orientation of the rules of Poe’s Gym before your first workout. Our main rules are                   don’t drop the dumbbells, mop all areas after work,  and wipe down all used surfaces
                 or equipment.