Poe’s Gym welcomes and encourages women of all fitness levels and of all types of resistance training (weightlifting, olympic lifting, circuit training, powerlifting, aerobic training, strength, power, flexibility, hypertrophy, endurance, etc...). One of our underlying goals is to have an environment that is conducive for the female beginner, the more advanced female lifter, and all levels in between extremes. 


Our site may be “hard”, but the guys need to know where we stand with the no-non-sense! No disrespect to women in  our gym is top priority.

We have evolved into a highly educational atmosphere for all of our members. Although we do not promote “pushing instruction on others”, our members will ALWAYS go out of their way to help others.

So, if you are a female, know that we are seeking female members and we will do anything we can to make Poe’s Gym your homebase.

My father (former professional athlete and former professional coach) was the biggest influence on my athletic career and my professional lifting career. We always had a weightroom in our house as I was growing up as a child. I was working out with pro athletes when I was in second grade. I pushed my Winnebago toy truck around our yard so much as a youngster that I ended up tearing the top off of it and adding bricks for more resistance. I got addicted to "the strain" at an early age. Setting weightlifting records as a football player at the University of Tennessee, achieving feats of strength as a strongman, and becoming a pushpress champ all had one common foundation---MY MOTHER.

My mother was always working out with us, encouraging my friends, my three brothers, and me. She set a great example of the drive of a female athlete. We were taught not to curse ever in front of mom…and to respect her as mom but also as a female exercising with the guys. 

My father is 75 years old and still benches 405x5 raw. My mother is a Tennessee State Tennis Champion at 75 years old and works out every day with “her little weights”. My parents have been married and exercising together for 55 years.

My personal offer (POST MEMBERSHIP) to all women who have an interest in Poe’s Gym is one of an underlying feeling of safety and respect:

1. Pick a lift.

2. We will teach you the lift.

3. We will write a four-week progressive program on the particular lift with applicable accessories.


I personally assure you that Poe's Gym can be a great place for you. The Nations neighborhood offers great streets for running. Our warehouse is the perfect place to do "hot" anything in the summer. Our gym is kept very clean on a daily basis.

Please Give Poe’s Gym A Chance!!


Matt Poe