Matt Poe has been designing programs for over three decades for athletes, patients, general fitness enthusiasts, and military personnel. His experience and education in biomechanics and in REHABILITATION has served him well to be and have been one of the most sought speed/strength/rehabilitation development specialists in the country during his career.

Matt brings his experience to Poe’s Gym to offer variable programs that have a basic, fundamental foundation of general movement development understanding. This understanding can be applied in all five types of resistance training in the areas of strength, power, repeated power, hypertrophy, and muscular endurance.

Poe’s Gym’s General Movement Development (GMD) programs have helped beginners on all levels and of all ages to lay a foundation to set them up for advancement, as well as, aiding professionals to gain the " all needed" edge. All others in between have benefited as well from GMD programming.

 Who has bought Poe’s Gym’s GMD programs?

​1. Beginners on any level or any age wanting to learn major movements such as the squat, the benchpress, the deadlift, and variable overhead movements.

2. Beginners on any level or any age wanting to learn major movements such as the clean and jerk, the snatch, and/or the steps to begin or refine Olympic movements.

3. Beginners on any level or any age needing basic dumbbell and barbell movement education and development.

4. Powerlifters on any level or any age who are in the IRONGAME now, or,  who have been out of the IRONGAME for a while and want a new point of entry and or a “brush up” on movements.

5. Beginners on any level or any age who have never touched a dumbbell or a barbell seeking a point of entry to aid in determining the direction of what type of resistance training is most well suited for them.

6. Individuals on any level or any age who have had an axial injury (back injury) who want to return to the weightroom or life.

7. Athletes of any age and any level who need a specific foundation or advancement for increased performance for personal, sports specific movements.

8. Former athletes on any level or any age needing a program to establish discipline “again” in the weightroom.

9. People on any level or any age who need a transitional program during or after any musculoskeletal rehabilitation as to aid in return to life or sport activities.

10. Cancer patients on any level or any age seeking relief of pain and fatigue, needing a gain of strength, or a boost of confidence during radiation treatments, chemotherapy treatments, other therapies, and survivorship.

11. Tactical athletes and military personnel on all levels and all ages.

12. Many others of all levels and all ages of fitness and wellness who desire a personal program design.

How is the program administered?

1. The program is administered by Josh Scott, Director Of Human Performance at Poe’s Gym.

2. The program will consist of (4) sessions with coach Scott over a (4) week period equipping you with all the necessary knowledge and experience to progress in all needed movements between weeks 1 and 4.

3. The program is designed to be continued after the 4th week period to use for another 8 to 12 week cycle or indefinitely throughout your year to fit your macrocycle needs.

The GMD Programs are not OR do not:

1.  Are not Online programs.

2.  do not Offer communication by email, text, or phone with Coach Scott between session.

The Cost Of The GMD Program:

1. Is $449.00 for non-members. non members will be allowed to use poe's gym for 4 weeks/twice a week during the program.

2. Is $399.00 for members of Poe’s Gym.


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