The production crew for espn on the set of gymratts at poe's gym

Marc honan  Lead Producer 

GYMRATTS, LLC IN CONJUNCTION WITH ESPN WILL BE  FEATURING "POE’S GYM" on espn2 this friday, december 28, 2018 at 8:00pm(cst)/9:00(est). click here for trailers.

The show will be shown 5 more times on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU at times to be announced.

1. East Coast Airing Press Release for first airing on december 28, 2018

2. West Coast airing press release for Second airing on january 31, 2019

After over 6 months plus of searching throughout the united states  for a story, Poe’s Gym was chosen to be the "Premiere episode" in the Gymratts series of shows on ESPN and ESPN affiliates.

As result of over one month of shooting and editing, producer Marc Honan and ESPN, will deliver the show focusing on:

1. The history of the Poe’s Gym.

2. The owner, Matt Poe, and his outrageous overhead lifting feats using the PUSHPRESS technique.

3. matt poe's philosophy of Create Separation®.

4. MatT Poe’s back injury and recovery.

5. General Manager, Josh Scott, and his nutrition EDUCATION.

6. The host, Josh Goldstein, aka Farb AT @FARB.0, and his conquering of the Gymratt Challenge.

7. Interesting member interviews.

8. Lots of motivation!!!

9. Spectacular overhead lifting and instruction by Matt Poe.